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                  Xianghe Characteristic Robot Town

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                  Urban-Seal International Urban Planning and Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd

                        Xianghe Characteristic Robot Town is rated as one of the first-batch characteristic towns of the cultivation type in Hebei during the declaration for characteristic towns in Hebei. Moreover, it is also one of the first-selected characteristic towns in Langfang. The project is located at the Xianghe Economic Development Zone in Langfang and reaches the planned S2 Road in the north, Jiajujingguan Avenue in the south, Canal Avenue in the West and planned riverway in the east, with a total land use area of about 3.7 sq.km and construction land area of about 3 sq.km. The plan puts forward transformation strategies from three major aspects including industrial upgrading, building of characteristic robot themes and creation of town space, thus facilitating transformation from the single production function of traditional industrial zones to the town’s comprehensive development model that integrates multiple functions of production, R&D, services, cultural tourism and life.


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