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                  Detailed Construction Plan of Northwest Area of Langba Road in Yong Qing County
                  Residential design of civil servants in New Kinshasa -- the new national administrative city of Congo (Kinshasa)
                  Conceptual Design of Cultural Square for Traditional Chinese Medicine
                  Marina Project of the New District in the West Coast of Qingdao
                  Huayu City Project of Rongsheng Huafu in Nanjing City
                  Conceptual Design of Residential Building of Ruigu in East Lake of Shenyang
                  Conceptual Design of Residential Building of Ruigu in East Lake of Shenyang
                  Zunhualongzetangquan Palace
                  Super Five-Star Hotel in Chahar International Automobile Culture Base
                  Plan for Automobile Outlets in Jiaonan City
                  Planning for Cultural Garden of Ma Family in Handan
                  Design of five-star hotel and integrated development plan in Yancheng
                  Design of Four in One project and exhibition hall / conference center plan
                  Automobile Museum of Chahar International Automobile Culture Base
                  Automobile Exhibition Center of Chahar International Automobile Culture Base
                  Architectural Design of Tangshan Ceramics Museum
                  Design of Tangshan Ceramic Exhibition Center
                  Yangliuqing Park Reception Center
                  Yangliuqing Youth Activity Center
                  A, B block design of Yicheng, Dianchi Lake in Kunming
                  Design scheme for the base of the headquarter of 360 Buy
                  Overall plan for the buildings of Chinese securities and futures
                  Architectural Design of Qingdao Jimo Auto Racing Theme Hotel
                  Architectural Design of Chongli County Huadu Xueyuan Banpo Hotel
                  Architectural Design of Qixia Ecological New Town Urban Complex
                  Architectural Design of the Southern Dynasties Waterfront Commercial Street in Jiuxianghe of Qixia Mountain
                  Architectural Design of Buddha-Show Theme Paradise in Jiafo Cultural and Ecological Tourism District
                  Design Scheme of Changchun Ruikai International Project


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