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                  CULTUREEnterprise Culture
                  • Spirit of Sharing——Consulting Partner Platform

                    Urbanseal aims to build the most innovative “consulting associates platform” in the world based on the sharing and win-win concept. This platform consists of expert associates and service associates featuring a DNA-like structure that co-exists and develops together. The expert associates consist of top experts at home and abroad who will help ensure the unique and world-leading level of the company’s works. The service associates will provide brand, management, commercial, financial and other diversified services for expert associates with the intelligent office system, so as to create an innovative, efficient, positive and warm homely atmosphere.

                  • Brand Concept——Chinese Brand Benchmarking Global Standards

                    We are a generation lucky enough to witness the whole urbanization process in China, which also represents a miracle in the world’s urbanization history. In this great urbanization practice, Urbanseal commits to making due contributions in establishing the urbanization theory system with Chinese characteristics, building great architectural and landscape works and developing the brand consulting company in China with global influence.

                  • Spirit of Innovation——Creating Characteristic Space

                    Five thousand years of Chinese civilization brings glory and dream to us. Today, we focus on inheriting Chinese traditional space culture while learning from other countries’ planning practices, thus making the past serve the present and foreign things serve China. Urbanseal is engaged in creating characteristic space in China by arousing people’s motive for innovation.

                  • Awareness of Seal——China’s Seal Cutting Expert

                    As a planner and designer, it is a great honor for us to depict the dreams and future of numerous urban space on our wonderful land. For Urbanseal, the process of planning each project is just like engraving seals on the land, which requires a combination of technology and art as well as policy and market. We will always try our best to engrave beautiful seals on China’s land.


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